Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BCS College Football Bowl Review

QB Troy Smith and company have toppled every challenge that has been thrown their way. Preparation for the Tostitos BCS National Championship will start with getting RB Antonio Pittman some room to run against the stifling Florida defense. Troy Smith is the leading Heisman candidate, but being a champion is a different story. Let’s see what you got, kid.
Final Verdict: They’ve been #1 since week one. Now let’s see if they can be champions.

Well, if style points really do count, Florida should have scored off the charts with their win over Arkansas. But if there were such a thing as annoying points, then Urban Meyer would also be scoring off the charts. Every interview he had, he was complaining about the BCS and the voting and everything. After all his whining, the system actually ended up working in his favor. A coach who only beat South Carolina by one point shouldn’t be complaining his way into the big game.
Final Verdict: I will pay any amount of money to have Tom Hanks go up to Urban Meyer’s house and yell, There’s no whining in football! right to his face. Then I’d put it on youtube for everyone to enjoy.

Life is not fair. You play hard. You win all your games except for one. The only game you lose is to the best country in the nation, and even then it was only be three points on the road. You don’t play for two weeks, keep your mouth shut and wait for things to play out. Next thing you know, some windbag from Florida is campaigning harder and louder then John McCain and you get relegated to No. 3.
Final Verdict: The rematch won’t happen, and Michigan did absolutely nothing to lose the No. 2 ranking. I hope I’m not the only one who was hoping to see Ohio State take on a fully healthy Manningham and Wolverines.

4. LSU
As far as two-loss teams go, LSU is the best. Their only losses came against two ranked schools (Auburn and Florida) and they had the toughest schedule in all of college football. They capped the season with a six game winning streak, including massive victories over Arkansas and Tennessee. Not a sexy pick for No. 4…but a well deserved one.
Final Verdict: Which JaMarcus Russell will show up when they face ND in the Superdome? Hopefully the same one that’s shown up the last six games.

5. USC
I’m pretty sure they’re still celebrating on UCLA’s campus. USC is lucky they didn’t get dropped out of the top five. The AP Poll had USC ranked at No.7, while they’ve been ranked as low as No.8 on other ranking systems. A loss is one thing. But a loss to an unranked team that you should’ve blown out of the water is a completely different story.
Final Verdict: The at-large vote that USC (and Notre Dame) seem to get, because of their popularity, is sickening. There’s no reason a two-loss team should be ranked this high when one of their losses is to an unranked team.